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Pro Skips Bendigo is a local waste management company based in Bendigo, Australia. We have skips of different sizes to suit any amount of waste you have. Our skip sizes can help you handle all categories of waste, such as light, heavy, concrete, and soil. We provide skips for hire from 2m3 to any capacity based on your requirements. Most of our skips come with doors, and you can conveniently walk in and out of them. Knowing the exact size of a skip bin can be challenging if you don’t know how to go about it. If you are unsure of the bin you want, it is advisable to order a skip that is bigger than your estimates. We are aware of the various types of garbage, and that is why we are offering different skips to cater to your diverse needs. Note that skip sizes are usually provided in cubic meters, and it is advisable to view their pictures or visualize their sizes before ordering any of them.

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Skip Hire Dimensions

At Pro Skips Bendigo, we offer a wide range of skip sizes for your waste management. Here is a summary of some of our skip sizes. The 2m3 skip bin is ideal when cleaning your home, renovating your roof, or collecting rubbish from small projects. If you think that the 2m3 skip is inadequate to handle your garbage, you should get a 3m3 skip. The 3m3 skip is suitable when cleaning your home or when you want to dispose of repair debris from your backyard. A 4m3 skip can help you get rid of bulky wastes, such as broken furniture or landscaping debris, that can’t fit into a smaller bin. With 5m3 and 6m3 skips, you can manage wastes from bigger outdoor projects, such as house renovations and landscaping activities. For large projects that generate a lot of waste, 8m3 skip is the best solution.

Whichever size of a skip bin you want, we have got you covered.