Skip Bag Hire Bendigo

Skip Bag Hire – Bendigo

Pro Skips Bendigo is a waste management company offering skip bins / bags and waste collection and disposal. Whether you want a skip bag for residential or commercial waste management, we can help you. We specialize in hiring all types of skip bags to clients across Bendigo and the surrounding suburbs. You can use our skip bags for home or garden improvement projects. If you are looking for a more convenient way to dispose of your waste, don’t hesitate to contact us. Note that a skip bag is a more flexible way of collecting and disposing of garbage. For instance, you can fill the bags with wastes or keep them when they are not in use. With skip bags, there is no time limit in filling and disposing of the trash. You are free to fill the bags whenever you want, and then call us to collect them.

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skip bag 1 tonne weignt capacity

Our skip bags are large and waterproof, and they can accommodate a large number of waste types. Once you fill them up, you don’t have to worry about the weight; our waste collector will dispose of them on your behalf. The flexibility of our skip bags allows you to handle both bulky and light waste peacefully. With their toughness, the skip bags can withstand wear and tears from irregular and rough materials, such as bricks and rubble. Through our skip bags services, you can keep your home clean and have a peace of mind. When it comes to pricing, our skip bags are cost-effective so if you have a smaller amount of trash this will be the cheapest waste disposal option. 

If you are handling a large amount of garbage, don’t worry, our bags are spacious enough, and they can hold up to one tonne of rubble! If they are not big enough we have mini skips available too. These hold more than double the skip bags capacity. There is no time limit with our skip bags; you can use them when you are ready. Our modes of payments are convenient, and therefore, you can order and pay for the skips through phone or online platforms. Unlike our competitors, we have no weight restrictions, and you can fill the bags the way you want. If you think a skip bag suites your situation, please call us on 0450 472 021.

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